The Netherlands:- Total country revenue for the year £380m; Percentage of total Group revenue 50%

The Dutch Solid Waste market is advanced, with a high level of recycling of the overall
waste volumes of circa 51m tonnes. Overcapacity in the waste incineration market has continued and this has resulted in lower gate fees on the spot market and ongoing price pressures. Within these waste volumes the C&D market is important and accounts for approximately one third of the whole market. The other major sectors are general commercial and industrial and municipal.

Hazardous Waste is a more specialist market with annual revenues in excess of circa €570m and the number of players is smaller due to the investment required to establish efficient competitive operations. ATM is the market leader in its field and there is strong potential for growth in waterside activities as legislation becomes more stringent. Similarly Reym has a strong market position and is market leader for industrial cleaning.

The Organics market is circa 3.5m tonnes and Shanks is the third largest competitor. Expansion of the AD market sector is anticipated in the coming years due to the shift from composting to dry and wet digestion driven by green subsidies.

The strategic goal for the Dutch operations continues to be further improvements in the mature Solid Waste market together with development in both Hazardous Waste and Organics. We are also focused on using the attributes of all three businesses to provide combined solutions involving Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste and Organics) to our customers. We believe that increasingly customers will require a single supplier to deal with all of their waste requirements.

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