Group Chief Executive's statement

We aim to be a good neighbour and strive to make a positive contribution to the local community.

Peter Dilnot
Group Chief Executive

Peter Dilnot reflects on an encouraging year that saw us make significant progress towards achieving our new corporate responsibility objectives.

At Shanks, our commitment to corporate responsibility (CR) completely aligns with our vision to be the most respected waste-to-product company. Whether it is looking after our employees, protecting the environment or being considerate to local communities, we earn the respect of key stakeholders by operating responsibly and doing the right thing.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We make valuable products out of material that is otherwise thrown away. In doing so, we divert waste from landfill which reduces greenhouse gases, generates renewable energy, saves valuable virgin resources and protects air quality. We take pride in delivering sustainable waste-to-product services for all our customers, be they municipal, industrial or commercial.

Achieving our goals

At the start of 2015/16, we launched a new set of five year CR objectives. These new objectives run until 2020 and are wider in scope than our last set of targets. They centre on four main areas: safety, sustainability, environment and our employees. Each area has a flagship metric with supporting measures which are also reported on.

Safety is our number one priority. We have a target to reduce our >3 day accident rate by 25% by 2020. Our performance against this metric improved by 13% over the year, well ahead of our annual target. To help us achieve this, we focused on near-miss reporting which has improved significantly over the year. Having this information enables us to assess the causes of near misses and minimise the risk of these accidents actually occurring.

We are committed to operating sustainably. To support this, we have an objective to increase our recycling and recovery rate to 85% by 2020. As a Group, we already have an industry-leading recycling and recovery rate, but this objective will ensure that we stretch ourselves to increase this further.

We aim to be a good neighbour and strive to make a positive contribution to the local community. To measure this contribution, we have an objective to improve community relationships by lowering the number of complaints we receive by 25%. We also have underlying targets to have zero major environment and permit breaches and to increase the number of community engagement initiatives.

Our fourth main area of focus is our employees. It is important to us to have employees who are enthusiastic and positive about their work. To ensure we achieve this, we have a commitment to increase our employee engagement score by 10% in our Pulse employee engagement survey. This year’s survey drew a record response of 84% which was an 18% increase on the previous survey. Our engagement score also increased, so I am pleased that we are heading in the right direction.

We have made great strides in CR over recent years and have delivered significant improvements this year. We are committed to further gains, driven by our five year objectives which are supported by targeted and fully resourced programmes.

I look forward to continuing to lead Shanks in the delivery of our CR goals and realising our vision of becoming the most respected waste-to-product company.

Important information:

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