Sustainable management systems

Our waste-to-product model is partly achieved through the management systems that we have in place.

We have had great success with our continuous improvement programme in our operations and this ethos can also be adapted to CR. We understand that we can always improve and one way we do this is through our management systems. Management systems are vital to our operation. They enable us to measure our CR performance, so we can find out how we have performed, where we want to get to and how close we are to achieving our objectives. That’s why we continue to invest in high-quality management systems such as:

  • waste management systems that allow us to measure our recycling and recovery rate
  • quality management systems that assist us in providing our offtake customers with the right waste products
  • environmental management systems that maintain and enhance our environmental permits, which are critical to driving value from our operations
  • safety management systems that are at the core of our continuous efforts to improve our safety performance

All of the data in this and our other corporate responsibility publications was collected through these and other management systems. To recognise their importance, we included management systems in our latest five year CR objectives.

As part of these objectives, we have set ourselves a target for all of our operating centres achieving the ISO 14001 international environmental management accreditation by 2020. The more we can measure, the more we can do to ensure we operate in a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Management systems enable us to measure our CR performance so we can find out how close we are to achieving our objectives.

Important information:

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